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5 Hiring Tips for Entrepreneurs

Have you ever been an employee and at the same time become the employer, and now self-conscious? Be aware that if you want to succeed in raising your business you must get employees. It is either you go to a job posting site or hiring from Linkedin, you must ensure he/she is the best for your company.

To be wise in managing human resources, entrepreneurs must have a lot of knowledge. The most important knowledge in this chapter of human management is psychology. Entrepreneurs must intelligently understand how people think in general to enable human resources to be mastered. But I do not want to talk about science understanding how people think about it.

What I’m going to say briefly is the knowledge to get the employees you really need them to be the first step in building a company which is your company. There should be 5 of these knowledges to hire workers and generally, entrepreneurs must know how to

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Recruit workers

Go find other successful books or entrepreneurs and ask them the most effective way to recruit employees. Usually if we are clear with our great business mission and obviously with the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat we want to apply in our business, it’s easier to determine who works best with us. For me, temperament or attitude is far more important than skill.

Leading workers

When we have workers, there is a task to lead them. Do not let workers to work without guidance and when they do wrong, we say they are useless and wanted to exchange them with other employees. If you do not lead the workers well, entrepreneurs are the one who guilty. Find a book how to be a leader and read and practice as best you can. A word synonymous with a leader is an influence. The chief must be able to influence others to follow.

Managing workers

Whenever a person become a leader, means, people are willing to follow whatever direction we are. When a given instruction is a bad command, it does not matter. Managing workers is related to making the right decision based on the terms or procedures set out to achieve business goals. To make the right decision there must be knowledge. Which means managing employees, entrepreneurs must look for management knowledge by reading or asking questions.

Building a Worker

After an entrepreneur makes a wise decision and everyone follows the decision, it cannot just go on so without any progress. Employee entry as a clerk must be encouraged to have a dream to become a manager. That means we must be good at building the growth of our employees so that they continue to grow into a greater and more
valuable person or worker.

Retaining employees

Living in business, when we build employees from zero to hero, there are many employers who crave such workers. If we are not clever and have no knowledge how to retain workers, their address will be to avoid running away from employers who know how to keep employees better.


Hopefully these tips can help companies such as startup. To me that runs the startup company almost 3 years, money is very important. So, every employee who enters the company is our ‘investment’. First of all, we need to value our business more than others. As an advice, if we lose, we will be responsible for many years. Workers are instantly forced to quit, next month they get another job. So, think wisely. If you are not trying to get all of that knowledge, your business address will not grow.