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5 Hobbies Good for a Kid’s Development and Growth

Kids are known for their high energy level, and it’s your responsibility as a parent to keep them occupied with activities. Choosing activities for your children is a great way to add value to their time energy. For example, PediaSure Malaysia recommends going for a picnic with the whole family.

However, not every activity is beneficial for your kids. For example, passing a smartphone to your kids or letting them watching TV isn’t always the most excellent choice. Instead, you can help your kids pick up these hobbies that are proved to assist in the development of children:


Reading is an excellent hobby for people of all ages. Developing an interest in reading will help the future of your children, and it’s a significant factor in shaping their lives.

People may think reading is dull, but that’s because they haven’t found a book of their interest. Find a book genre that suits your children and if they’re disinterested at first, give them books with lots of pictures and illustrations.

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With the direct translation of “to fold paper”, origami is an ancient Japanese craft. The art of origami is all about creating figures with folding techniques without cutting paper or using an adhesive.

Origami is beneficial to kids as it stimulates their cognitive development, creativity, and their patience. It may be difficult to get the hang of it first, but once your kids successfully create their first figure, it will grow on them.


There are no disadvantages for your children to be interested in music, which is it’s such a great hobby for kids of all ages. Music can come in many forms, such as learning an instrument, dancing or singing.

Music is a fantastic way for kids to express themselves and an excellent hobby to develop their motor and coordination skills. It also teaches them to be disciplined and makes them appreciate art.

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Some people may think the kitchen is no place for kids, but encouraging them to learn about food earlier may be more beneficial for them. The ability to prepare food is a necessary skill that even some adults don’t have, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t include kids when you make your meals.

First of all, kids will learn how much work and effort it takes to cook and not to waste food. Teaching them to cook will also encourage them to try different food and show them the importance of a balanced diet.


In this age where smartphones and computers are taking over our lives, it’s important to plug off and get in touch with nature once in a while. Gardening is an enjoyable hobby for kids to drop their gadgets and enjoy the sun outside.

This hobby teaches children the importance of taking care of Mother Nature while getting them comfortable with soil and dirt. It also shows them patience and how to take care of plants. And if they are successful, you’ll have a beautiful garden, or maybe you’ll get to harvest some vegetables.


Not only does having a hobby helps a child pass their time, but it’ll also be beneficial for their growth and development. That’s why it is crucial to help your children choose a useful and fun hobby.

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