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6 Acts of Appreciation That Boost Apply Rates for Jobs

If your prospects feel valued, they are more likely to show signs of appreciation towards your company. Endorsing in mutual trust and agreement between both parties will strengthen your employment branding and build your brand image.

Additionally, they may also comprise a positive company review, which may potentially boost your company’s reputation in the marketplace.

Acts of appreciation take a little effort, but the end product will propel your company to places.

Apart from that, Jobstreet may be able to cater to your company’s needs.  Here are six ways in which you can show appreciation to your prospects:


  • Be flexible


Job seekers have ongoing events in their lives, and they are probably in the midst of applying for other jobs in the market as well.

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Time constraints are a factor, hence having a flexible schedule for job interviews may be a plus point. If your candidates seek for rescheduling, conform to their requests. Afterall, you have nothing to lose but may potentially gain a top-performing candidate.


  • Guide them for their interview


Most candidates need acts of guidance and support, especially for their interviews. It is not only stressful but an intimidating process which may result in fearful and anxiety-embedded individuals.

Lift the burden off their chests by guiding them before interview day. Let them know that there is nothing to worry about, and there is no use fearing over this event.


  • Communication is key


Establishing a platform where your prospects and employers/ job seekers connect is vital. Disengagement may lead to your candidates feeling demotivated. Let them know when they will receive their results, and to stay calm.


  • Provide feedback


Feedback and constructive criticisms are crucial. It allows your prospects to grow and improve their conducts, leaving society in a better position than before.

Even better, both of you could provide feedback at a professional level to level the playing field.


  • Reach out


Don’t leave your candidates unease. Comfort and provide news regarding your company’s standpoints, as well as entertaining insights that may help them.


  • Thank them for their time


Often, a simple act of thank you is a powerful tool. You should always show respect for your candidates as word-of-mouth is an even more destructive tool which may leave your company at stake.


The importance of being inclusive of your prospects will leave your company in a better place. To boost apply rates, you will have to conduct and implement unique approaches to convert. Visit Jobstreet’s page via to access the largest job portal.