6 Tips To Smartphone

Smartphones are simply needed to us, as we bust them out everyday to get in touch with the globe. However, since it is common for technology to get outdated in the long run (which is an excellent indication of advancement), we’ll have to keep up with the trend to take pleasure from the most out of it. So, how do you spot a satisfactory smartphone to buy?


Operating System

Mainly, you will find 3 main varieties of operating system, namely Android, iOS, and even Microsoft. However, only android and ios are classified as the famed OS now. If you’re searching for an uncomplicated and easy-to-use interface, try using iOS. However, it you wish to make tweaks and like a bigger number of brand – like Oppo, Vivo & more: select Android. Check out the Vivo V5.


Screen Size

Discover the right size screen. For starters, big is not always better when you have small hands. Bigger screens are great for watching Youtube videos, and perhaps they are also useful when combined with multi-window feature offered in Android Nougat. But, they might be as handy because smaller ones that matches perfectly in virtually every pocket you’ve gotten.


Display Quality

When considering display, the screen brightness and color quality actually matter well over resolution. Any time you allow any new smartphone a try inside of the store, take note of its brightness. Many of the important for those who go outdoor quite a lot. Plus, just recognise that AMOLED provides great improvements over LCD!


Camera Performance

Today we have come to a heavily contested feature, it is the camera performance. Most smartphones today attempt to pack the perfect available camera inside their mobile. Soon, you are going to recognise that in the case of amount of megapixels, bigger doesn’t mean better. A quality indicator of camera quality will be the quality of the image processor on the lens. Vivo smartphones have reached their own individual league, offering not just one, but twin lens which weave out a fabric of ultra premium quality images. For moments of perfect selfie, Vivo comes with the best smartphone camera such as the Vivo V5 and emerge as the clear winner of this phone category.


Storage Capacity

Nowadays, just one image have a size of 2MB. Considering the amount of photos and videos we take, together with applications and games installed, data storage capacity will not be taken lightly. So, be certain that you end up picking ones with at a minimum 32 GB of storage. Even better, also consider those which allows external SD card insertion.


Vivo V5


Battery Capacity

For a lot of, a very powerful feature on the smartphone often is the battery capacity. None of us wants to charge their phones 2 times a day or bring a mobile charger on a regular basis. If battery capacity is significant to you personally, look for smartphones with not less than 3,000 mAh. Depending upon how much you actually make use of your smartphone, 3,000 mAh should get you throughout the day.


Extra Features

Besides above features, there are various more and it all is dependent on preference. Waterproof phones, wireless charging and face scanners, it is all possible today. Consider what you need and just what you need in the smartphone.



At the end, it all relates to your preference and budget. If you are looking for a cost-effective smartphone, a new iPhone aren’t the best choice for yourself. But don’t worry, there are plenty of budget smartphones around with wonderful features and specifications.