Abbott Nutrition Malaysia Products Summary

In each and every supermarket you’ll discover tons of several types of baby formula, but which one is perfect for you or your child? We know your struggle. In this particular article, we’re going to examine Abbott Nutrition and make it easier for yourself to take a decision!


Pediasure is particularly formulated to provide a nutrition supplement for fussy-eating kids. The trouble with fussy eaters is they unknowingly denied themselves from consuming the recommended daily dose of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and various other nutrients. A deficiency inside necessary nutrient elements definitely makes the child weak and subject to illness. A Nice thing about it is, just by drinking 3 cups of Pediasure every day, your children are able to get all the nutrients, therefore, boosting their body’s defense mechanisms.

Pediasure Malaysia

Pediasure contains 50% more calories and it’s filled up with magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium, chronium, Biotin and Vitamin A and B12, which have been beneficial to not only for the physical continuing development of young kids but their mental development. A good mix of nutrition for your kids will simply better their health.


Similac is another type of products offered by Abbott Nutrition that promotes children’s cognitive development. With Eye-Q nutrition formula, this product is packed with all essential nutrients that have been known to boost a child’s capacity to consume knowledge. So basically, the product is aimed to enhance your kid’s mental ability at the very early stage. Depending on your children’s age, they can either consumeSimilac Gain Plus (for 1 to 3 years old) or Similac Gain Kid (4 to 9 years old).

What’s more, Similac is just not an item range designed for children’s consumption. In order to enhance their mental growth on the very initial phase, Similac Mom is manufactured to always be taken by mothers. This will aid all of them to deliver all the nutrition the fetus needs while being pregnant, and will also aid to supply nutrients during breastfeeding.


Ensure is a formulation targeted for frail and the elderly. Men and women who have low energy may gain advantage the most from Ensure. Ensure provide you with an identical degree of calories a lot like Pediasure. However, an adult’s nutritional needs is substantially different from the ones from a kid’s. The formula is modified so that it contains more Vitamin A and Vitamin B12. In addition, there are way more chromium, niacin and selenium.

Ensure Malaysia

Ensure may not be appropriate the consumption of children mainly because the nutritional content is not optimized for their own needs. Instead, the product is advisable for patients in hospitals, especially for folks who are currently tormented by a severe illness. Those post-surgery patients who sadly are having issues eating solid food can also reap the benefits of this item. Ensure are usually blended with a fluid to supply a patient’s daily nutritional requirements via a gastric tube, whether patient struggles to chew or swallow.

To sum it all up, knowing and deciding on the suitable formula is crucial. With the number of different formulas offered in the marketplace, not necessarily Abbott Nutrition products, you could in all probability get confused prior to buying. Now, by knowing some info and purpose of the products, we want to enable you to assist you in choosing better.