Budget Airlines in Malaysia to get Cheap Flights

Airlines in Malaysia to Get Cheap Flights

Last decades, the aviation industry has changed rapidly. The past where flying became a thing for the rich and wealthy is over. The continued competition between airlines led to cheap pricing for domestic and international flights. In Malaysia, several low budget airlines begun to offer attractive prices for a few amazing destinations in Asia.


Cheap Flight in Malaysia

Handled by the renowned Malaysian billionaire entrepreneur Tony Fernandes, AirAsia really is a budget airline company that adopted its business structure from Virgin Airlines in america. This airline currently contains the largest fleet and flight network in malaysia with Maldives, Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Australia inside the list of destinations.

There’s an interesting story behind AirAsia, where Tony Fernandes¬†used to buy the company for RM1 with RM40 million indebted and managed to turn the table around only for one year in operation. The airline remains a stupendous brand for the locals, aside from its association with Virgin Airways as well as renowned founder, Richard Branson.


Cheap Flights in Malaysia

Malindo Airways takes pride in employing a premium business model. Perhaps considerably less well liked as Firefly or Air Asia, but really is a competitor in the same low-cost carrier space. They pay attention to giving customers value for their money by ensuring comfort to be the unique feature to add in with their interesting fares and premium service of the legacy carrier. They cover an extensive location in Asia up to now for example Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Pakistan among others.

As it has less travelling routes, Malindo Air has some upside to choose from. As an illustration, the flights seats are bigger in comparison to AirAsia and there’s a seat-back TV screen and USB plug for just anyone in flight. Plus, men and women who wants a assurance when travelling can subscribe to a low priced travel insurance with Malindo Air’s partner, Chubb.


Cheap Flight to Singapore

The truly great Malaysian airline and part of Malaysian Airlines is Firefly. Firefly is now offering cheap flights to several beautiful places. You can certainly find cheap flights to Singapore, Alor Setar, Langkawi, Kota Bharu, Phuket and even more. Firefly’s main hubs can be found at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport and Penang Airport Terminal.

Firefly comes with a small but impressive fleet of 18 turboprop aircrafts. The airline runs it’s operation all the way from Penang and Subang hub. Firefly regards travel safety as the no. 1 priority, therefore they partnered with AIG as their preference of insurance corporation. Travellers who fly with Firefly Airlines is certain to get relief while using the travel insurance plan.

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If these budget airlines wasn’t enough to enable you to travel for cheaper, then try alternative ingenius ways such as; trying to find your flights online in incognito or private browsing mode, use flight search engines which includes Skyscanner, AireFare Watchdog, JetRadar, Momondo and Cheapoair for starters. Plan to fly over a weekday as opposed to the weekend since it’s generally cheaper and strive to book your flight months before hand.

Happy travels!