shaves2u review

Getting Shaves2U For Dad: A Review

It was my father’s birthday two months ago, and for the longest time, I couldn’t figure out what gift  I should get him. As a daughter and a woman, I don’t fully understand a man’s taste or preference, so it was a difficult task. After asking around for the perfect gift, a male friend suggested to me to give my father, a Shaves2U Shaving Kit.

When it comes to shaving, he uses the cheapest razor he can find and doesn’t use any shaving cream. Some people may say he’s a frugal person, but I’ll say that he just doesn’t know how to spoil himself. So, I thought about getting him this shaving kit was a great idea.

Ordering the shave kit

The Shaves2U website looks clean and straightforward, so I didn’t feel lost when I went to order the Awesome Shave Kit. Their products had descriptions, which was helpful so I could make decisions on what product was best for my father. When I placed my order, the process was also smooth, and I encountered no problems.

Receiving the box

I got my package after two weeks as expected after I placed my order. It’s a box with a razor, a shaving cream, an aftershave cream, and five pieces of 3 blade cartridges (you actually have the option to choose between three-blade, five-blade, or six-blade cartridges).

shaves2u review

My father’s Shaves2U review

Dad’s reaction was both surprised and happy, as he never expected me to get him a gift like this. Nevertheless, he seemed excited to try out the Awesome Shave Kit.

I asked for his opinion of the shaving kit after a month of using, and here’s what he has to say:

  • The blades are sharp

One of the most frustrating things with cheap blades is they may not always be sharp, according to my father. And he didn’t encounter any dull blades when used this shaving kit. It makes his shaving experience better and it saves his time.

  • He never knew he needed shaving cream

My father never used shaving cream because he never thought he needed it. He always used water and at the most, soap. Now with shaving cream, he finally had to chance to use it. And he said he can never go back now, as it made his shaving experience smoother.

  • The aftershave feels great

Besides the shaving cream, my father never used any aftershave cream. He didn’t even know that they existed! He said applying the aftershave cream makes his face feel fresh and cooling, which is something he enjoys now.


Overall, my father is very happy with the Shaves2U Kit. He even said he may considering getting a subscription plan with Shaves2U once he finishes his supplies with the Awesome Shave Kit. I’m really glad I listened to my friend and got this for my father’s birthday.