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The Positives and Negatives of Owning An Air Miles Credit Card

An air miles credit card is a card allows you to earn air mile points. Besides buying flight tickets, you can gain air miles points by shopping or dining at restaurants with your credit card.

Air miles credit cards is almost a must-have for travelers as they are can enjoy other perks. However, you may need to understand the terms and conditions to utilize an air miles credit card fully.

Not sure if you should get an air miles credit card? Here are the pros and cons of being a credit card user:

credit card rhb


  • Redeem free flights

This reason is the most obvious reason why travelers own air miles credit cards. Frequent flyers can travel even more by collecting air miles points and exchange it for flights. You can choose to pay the full price of a flight with your miles, or you can pay partly with cash too.

  • Upgrade seats

Most people can only dream of flying first class. The price difference between a business class or a first class ticket and the average economy class seat is extremely high, and usually, we don’t think it’s worth it. However, with air miles points, you can upgrade your seat and enjoy more leg space!

Here’s a tip: Purchase your flight ticket with money and use your air miles to upgrade yourself to a higher class! You will thank yourself, especially for long hour flights.

  • Access to airport lounges

Ever find yourself in an airport waiting six hours for a transit flight? Airports aren’t the most comfortable places to be for an extended time, but you can change that if you own an air miles credit card.

Most high-end credit cards provide access to airport lounges for their members. In these lounges, you can enjoy complimentary food and beverages, high-speed internet, entertainment, and comfortable chairs.

  • Travel insurance

Not everyone realizes the importance of having travel insurance. By having an air miles credit card, you can say goodbyes to your travel woes as some credit cards offer travel insurance up to RM2,000,000.

credit card rhb


  • Fees and taxes

There are many perks to using an air miles credit card, but it doesn’t mean you can escape additional charges or taxes. You still have to pay for annual fees, foreign transaction fees, airport taxes, and any surcharge fees.

Make sure you know what you are signing up for before getting an air miles credit card.

  • Most suitable for big spenders

If you don’t plan to use your card often, having an air miles credit card might not be the best choice for you. With its annual fee and high-interest rate, it isn’t worth it if you don’t frequently spend with your card. You can’t redeem flight tickets if you don’t often fly either.

  • Air miles expire

For most airlines, your air miles have the life of three years, which should be enough time to spend and redeem the points. Just remember to keep track of the time, or you’re going to lose the points forever!


Many banks offer air miles credit cards, and each of them has their pros and cons. Be sure to do plenty of research so you can find the credit card that suits you best.

For example, RHB credit card users don’t have to worry about their air miles points expiring, so customers can redeem it anytime! Learn more by visiting