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Should Adults Drink Milk?

Most of us grow up drinking milk, whether it’s breast milk, cow’s milk or formula milk. Just like other mammals, we feed milk to the young for their healthy properties such as calcium and vitamin D. It is essential to feed your child milk in the first stages of their life.

However, humans are the only mammals that consume milk past infancy. Some people believe it is unnatural for adults to drink milk despite its benefits, but how true is that?

Is milk healthy?

In 2014, a study suggested that women who drink plenty of milk may suffer from higher fracture risks compared to those who drink less. The study also shares that drinking three or more glasses of milk a day was associated with a higher incidence of hip and fracture for women compared to those who had less than a glass a day.

This news caused panic among people, but it doesn’t prove that milk is the culprit for all hip fractures. There are other factors other than milk that contribute to the results of this research, so we shouldn’t assume milk is the enemy.

formula milk similac

Should you stop drinking milk?

There’s no reason why you need to cut out dairy or milk unless you have medical conditions like lactose intolerance. Milk isn’t bad for you, and it’s okay to include it in your diet.

But milk also isn’t compulsory in a diet to be healthy.

There are more ways than one to get calcium and protein into your body. For example, you can consume Greek yoghurt, eggs and beans instead of milk. But it is easier to get them with just milk. Bottom line is, you can include milk in your diet if you like it, and you’re not overdoing it if you do.

What if you’re lactose intolerant?

About 65% of people lose the ability to digest lactose, so it isn’t as uncommon as you think. There are other foods you can eat to get calcium and protein such as dark leafy greens and almonds. Milk alternatives like almond milk, soy or rice milk are also available.


There is no reason why anyone should stop drinking milk after infancy. It’s healthy for us, and it’s an excellent choice of calcium if you want to maintain a balanced diet.

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